Oliver Needs  

Oliver studied an Art Foundation at Chelsea School of Art completed in 2001 later studying BA Fine Art at East London University completed in 2004.

Oliver finds great satisfaction and sense of being through painting. His greatest inspiration growing up was Picasso. Although admits travelling abroad alot as a youngster, especially throughout Europe and its great museums and galleries and finding those trips inspirational. However New York and the Museum of Modern Art is a particular favourite. Though London still captivates and inspires and naturally draws alot of talent and fresh ideas so is a very special place too.

Oliver started painting at a young age as a way of expressing what words might not but also a form of interpreting and understanding oneself and the world around. He is interested in psychology and interpreting our world, space and time.

Oliver studied a variety of styles of drawing and painting but is particularly fond of the abstract expressionist movement. Oliver hopes he can offer new energy and pay homage to that movement but also add his own new ideas and expressions through painting.

Oliver has been involved in numerous group shows and individual art shows over the years throughout East, Central and West London. He plans to continue expanding the audience who see and buy his work yearly.